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 HHSG reserves the right to cancel the heliski trip at any time. All rates are quoted in EURO and are subject to change without notice. The reservation and cancellation policies used by HHSG are standard in this industry. The nature of our business is such that our commitments must be made well in advance of your skiing with us.       


A deposit of 30% of the trip cost is required at a per person basis at the time of booking, and or a deposit of 30% of the trip cost for all Privates groups. The initial deposit confirms your acceptance of HHSG’s terms and conditions. This deposit constitutes a tentative reservation, which becomes confirmed only upon receipt of full payment, which is due 10 weeks prior to departure. To reserve your Heliski trip, contact us at:


Full payment is due 10 weeks prior to the first day of your scheduled heliski trip. Payments can be made via Bank Wire transfers, cashier checks and Traveler Checks, personal checks are not accepted. All payments are to be made in Euro. Please identify all payments clearly with your name, address, date of trip and if applicable groups name. A reservation may be cancelled if we have not received full payment by the due date. Last minute clients making a reservation in 10 weeks or less prior to the scheduled trip must pay in full upon making reservation. If needed extra time can be arranged for full payment.        


If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your reservation, we require notice in writing. If we receive cancellation notice more than six months prior to the skiing or trekking date, all the money on deposit will be refunded less 1000.00 Euro per person. If we receive cancellation notice less than six months prior to the heliski trip, the entire deposit is non-refundable. When we receive cancellation notice less than 10 weeks prior to the skiing date all money on account is non-refundable. Monies on deposit will not be carried forward to future seasons. Obviously this cancellation policy does not apply for last minute clients. Last minute clients are required to pay in full at the time of making the reservation.      


Our heliski trips begin and end on specific days. No refund is given, in whole or in part, for un-used days or transportation, resulting from late arrival, early departure or for any other reason. Likewise, there are no refunds given for 'Down Days' if bad weather or helicopter breakdown prevents us from skiing on any given day. HHSG guarantees four runs per day, the runs vary from 700 to 1,500 vertical meters with the area we ski at (and run) dictating the vertical of each individual run. HHSG will refund 50.00 Euro per un-skied run. No refund on runs will be given if you decide not to ski one day (or days), sit out a run, or come back earlier, regardless of the reason. You may transfer to another trip without penalty up to 90 days before departure. If you transfer from one trip to another within 89 days of departure, however, you are subject to the usual Cancellation Fees. HHSG highly recommends you purchase travel insurance that covers trip cancellation, evacuation and medical.  
The flying time hours given for the trip are more then enough to make the guaranteed four runs a day in the designated heliski areas. HHSG does not charge for extra runs, only extra flying time. If the group wishes to go into areas outside the designated area and due to this exceeds the flying time given for the week, the guarantee on runs will be non valid. Also, occasionally we have an exceptional day and the group may decide to make 8 or more runs, which is fine, but once the runs guaranteed for the week have been made, and we have used up the flying time allowed because of skiing extra runs on an exceptional day for example, then extra flying time charges will occur. All extra hours must be paid in cash on the spot, extra flying time is 2,500 € per hour. Any trip discounts or upgrades given will be deducted from the guaranteed runs should the situation arise.

Make a reservation or book a heliski or heliboarding trip to Nepal.   Don't forget to make a health insurance and insure your trip in case of cancellation and changes.   Read carefully the liability waiver. This is a standard in the ski industry.