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From experience, we have found it better to begin the day earlier and ski a majority of the runs in the first part of the day, this is due to several reasons, but the main reason is weather conditions, as its not windy in the morning hours and so we prefer to take advantage of those hours while we can, as its not unusual to get high winds in the afternoon and we can get shut down due to it, the other thing which can happen in the afternoon is the cumulous cloud build up can occur early, which could also shut us down due as you cannot fly in those conditions. The other thing is everyone is stronger and they ski better in the morning hours then the late afternoon hours, so in the end its a win win situation for all, as we can get all the runs committed too via this schedule. With this in mind, we have adapted to the schedule below.

Wake up 5:00 am with breakfast at 5:30 - after breakfast, pack all personal belonging's needed for the day. 6:15 am board helicopter and begin the day heliskiing.
At the bottom of each run we have short break with cold drinks, mineral water, and assorted snacks.
We will ski 4 to 6 runs per day. We will be finished by 11:00 / 12:00 noon, have lunch in Pokhara and the rest of the day you are free to explorer Pokhara and the surrounding area.


On a good day with everyone feeling healthy and strong and under normal conditions, we will make 4 to 6 runs a day, Each run will be between 900 & 1,400 vertical meters, the vertical of each run will be dictated by the individual run and area we are in and or conditions. The first day or two we begin lower at lower altitudes to allow for acclimatization. Although we're professing the adventure and the skiing of a lifetime, and not vertical. Also, conditions will dictate the outcome of how much we ski in the morning, if we see weather moving in, high winds in the early afternoon, etc. we will adjust the departure time to make the best of the conditions thus insuring we get in the runs we have committed too.